About Affordable GPS

Our GPS tracking solutions are affordable and we offer some of the best GPS tracking devices in the industry with latest 4G technology. You can now manage your time better and have peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are exactly where they are supposed to be. How? Our GPS fleet tracking lowers your fuel costs by eliminating un-scheduled trips and driving more direct routes. All of this with no long term contract. Call today and see what great deals we have!

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GPS Tracking Services

Our GPS fleet tracking business operates in a ‘lean and clean’ manner. By keeping all aspects of our operations straightforward and simple, we have lower overhead which is why we can sell similar products as our competitors for less, and provide superior personal service. Our primary dedication is to provide timely and superior customer service which is why our GPS fleet tracking and management customers are so enthusiastic to have us as their business partners. Read our testimonials! The constantly changing landscape of modern business gives our customers enough complexity to deal with already, so our ‘Keep it Simple” approach is a relief from that. Through superior personal service and pricing, we add to your profit by being the reliable and straightforward business partner that adds value, not complexity.

What makes us different from the other GPS tracking vendors?

  • Your profitability is linked to our own, so integrity in selling is a primary value;
  • We keep things simple to keep costs down and our attention on service;
  • We don’t have multiple layers of organization to cut through;
  • We hold ourselves to a very high standard of service and client satisfaction;
  • We truly enjoy being a valuable business partner;
  • Our customer service is unsurpassable;
  • We’re very personal and friendly and enjoy what we do;
  • Our website is like our people and products — easy to navigate;
  • See what makes us the best GPS tracker for your business.