GPS Asset Tracking

If you need asset tracking, our simple installation of a GPS tracker lets you monitor your asset’s location, activity and more. Using your PC or smartphone with our easy to use cloud based software, within seconds, you can:

  • Receive daily locate data so you will know where your equipment is located.
  • Receive an alert if your equipment moves more than 1 mile (unauthorized movement alert).
  • Remotely disable starter.
  • Set geofences, speed limits and more.
  • Receive 20 on-demand locates every month.
  • Receive alert from motion sensor which wakes up tracking unit from sleep mode.

Elite AT3000G

Ideal solution for managing assets tethered to a 12/24 volt system, but may set idle for some periods.


Live asset tracker, tracking every 5 or 10 seconds.


Durable equipment tracker which is weatherproof.


Benefits trucking companies – local, long haul or inter modal.


True satellite tracker with no cell coverage needed.