GPS Tracking Device NTX5US

This is not typical GPS tracking. It’s also the perfect solution for dispatching calls to your fleet while monitoring the locations of your vehicles. With the NTX5, you have complete control over your fleet with the integration of any Garmin® or Garmin® series Personal Navigation Devices* (PNDs) through additional wiring not included. Send and receive messages to and from your drivers from any computer connected to the Internet. Imagine having the ability to dispatch service calls directly to your vehicles and receive a message back from your drivers that they are on location and have arrived at their intended destination! Additionally, you’ll know that the route was the most efficient one taken which drives additional profits to your bottom line. Watching your bottom line LIVE, turn-by-turn, can save you thousands on fuel costs, labor and dispatching. It’s truly LIVE.


  • Transmits its location every 1,5 or 10 seconds
  • Small – just 1.97″W x 4.02″L x 0.92″H.
  • Integrates with Garmin® or Garmin® series of Personal Navigation Devices*
  • Unlimited messaging to/from device from any computer.
  • Remotely set destination from web-based system.
  • Unparalleled dispatch and communications functionality
  • Web-based tracking – no software to install – accessible from anywhere.
  • Virtual Fence and Speed Alert notifications by text and/or email
  • Vehicle maintenance module for scheduled fleet service.