GPS Tracking Reports

You can monitor your vehicles live and also create reports that track their behavior. There are a number of preset GPS reports that can be customized to learn what you need to know.

  • Seventeen reports available in all;
  • Select your own Start/End dates and Start/End times;
  • View results immediately in your browser and print;
  • Have results emailed to you in HTML, CSV (Excel) or PDF format;
  • Automated reports can be scheduled to run weekly or monthly.

Available GPS Tracking Reports

  • Daily Details Report
  • Summary Report
  • First Last Location Report
  • First Last Trip Report
  • Landmark by Vehicle Report
  • After Hours
  • Geo Fence
  • Inputs
  • Speed Alerts
  • Stop Alerts
  • Landmarks
  • All Trips by Day
  • Idle Time
  • State Mileage
  • Consolidated Trip
  • Inactivity Report
  • Location History