GPS Tracking Savings


Just 10 miles over the limit runs 20% more fuel consumption.

Side Trips
The cost is on you, whatever the reason.

Excess Idling
1 hour of idling can use up to 1 gallon of fuel.
You can save up to 3% total fuel costs by detecting and correcting this.

Type in location of client, and a list of the closest vehicles is displayed. Or right click the location on the Google map and the same calculation is performed. No more radio/cell searching for closest vehicle to a client.


Excess Idling
Adds seven miles to the vehicle PM.

Wear and Tear
Lower cost and wear and tear through reducing unauthorized use.


Stolen Vehicles
If you can track its location, it’s never irrecoverably stolen. Insurance would never have to pay out for theft.


Why Track?
An honest day’s pay – deserves an honest day’s work!

What Risks?
Unauthorized vehicle use, fuel consumption, insurance Risk, vehicle wear, extra mileage, using your name/logo/reputation.

Watch your drivers’ speed to reduce probability of accidents.

Main Benefit

Get better productivity for same costs, through eliminating waste and inefficient use of resources. These are invisible losses that can be visible profit.

How it Works

Email us and we will send you a free ROI cost calculator