The GPS Basics

Here are the plain and simple basics to GPS Tracking. Today’s competitive business environment does not allow waste of time, equipment or materials lost to ineffective fleet routing, improper use of equipment, loss or theft of equipment and personal time use that isn’t adding to the bottom line. By tracking your fleet vehicles, equipment or personnel, you’ll profit from eliminating wasted time or improper use of your equipment, however it happens.

How does GPS tracking work?

A GPS tracking device is mounted in your vehicle or equipment. This sends a signal tracked by satellite as to its exact location at various intervals. Using simple web-based software that requires no installation or maintenance, you can track the following. The exact current (and historical) location of every fleet vehicle; each piece of your equipment; people; speed; and even if current speed or boundaries set have been exceeded.

Is complicated software involved?

As a completely web based solution, there is NO software to buy, update or deal with. Simply login from any computer and you’re tracking your assets.

What kind of tracking reports are part of the software?

A detailed history of what your vehicles, equipment or people are doing can be generated with the reporting functions. Click on “Tracking Reports” in the Nav bar and see what’s available.

How much money can I really save using an Affordable GPS solution?

Click on “Cost Savings Calculator” in the navigation bar to see a sample of our spreadsheet calculator. To see how quickly your systems would pay for themselves and generate profits you’re now losing, contact us. We’ll create a custom spreadsheet for your specific application.

Contact us! The folks at Affordable GPS Tracking are here to help you with any questions you may have.