How Do You Monitor a Fleet of Vehicles?

Our services provide 4 ways for you to capture information from our GPS servers:

    1. Our user interface (UI) is a webpage that gives you access to the Cloud where all the information is stored from your vehicle. This can be accessed from any PC with internet connection anywhere in the world.
    2. Our Phone App is an easy way to get vehicle information at your fingertips at any time. This information is displayed on your phone so you can view the location and status of the vehicle. Alerts are sent to you via text messaging and/or email.
    3. Open API. This allows your field service management software to poll our GPS servers and pull the data from the vehicle and display on your FSM. Examples are Service Titan, WorkWave and many others.
    4. Dash Cameras (DashCams). This is a tremendous way to learn about your drivers’ behavior while they are driving your vehicles. These cameras record events outside the vehicle and inside the cab. The new AI cams report if the driver is taking his eyes off the road, such as when texting, eating or drinking. This is, of course, considered driver distraction which causes the majority of accidents.

DashCams will also will video events such as hard acceleration, harsh braking, hard turning, impact and overall driver behavior. You are then provided a driver score card that rates your driver and lets you see where they may need training.

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