No Contract GPS Tracking

Is it possible? Yes!

At Affordable GPS we offer a low cost purchase of the latest GPS tracking equipment and our monthly service costs are substantially less with no contract.

Other companies include the cost of the equipment, activation, installation and service spread over a 3-year contract, plus their interest. You end up paying quite a bit more.


With Affordable GPS Tracking, your equipment cost is under $200. Installation cost is approximately $75 (or free if you choose to install it). Our average monthly service cost is $19.95.

Other GPS tracking companies — using the same equipment and services as we do — charge an average of $40/month with a 36 month Contract. Your total cost over the contract period ends up being $1440 per unit.

Now let’s compare the two. What would you rather pay?

$1440 over 3 years with them in a Contract?
Or $1040 over 3 years with us with no Contract?

The answer is simple…we save you $400 per unit without a contract. If you are a company with a fleet, you may have up to 10 units or more. That amounts to a $4000 savings,
or more!

Do you really need another contract in your life?

In today’s normal course of business, we are almost forced to enter into contracts we don’t really want to.

• Cell phone contracts
• Cable contracts
• Internet service contracts

• Pest Control contracts
• Gym membership contracts
• Web hosting contracts

We could go on and on. The only reason consumers get locked into these contracts is:

• Because the provider is afraid of losing your business when you receive unacceptable service

• The provider wants to force you to continue paying for their service — even if your circumstances change

We’re so confident in our product and service that we let you decide if you want to stay with us, and we’d never force anyone to continue paying for our service if their circumstances change.

We respond promptly to any questions and recommend the proper device for your fleet tracking needs.

All without any contract required.