What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

The purpose of tracking your fleet is to monitor the movements of your vehicles and drivers on the road. GPS fleet tracking lets you keep an eye on everything from wherever you are using your computer or phone. This solution ensures that your company vehicles are operating efficiently and that your drivers are being safe and responsible.

GPS fleet tracking includes both hardware and software. The hardware side has the GPS ‘receivers’ and the cellular modem needed for communication with our servers.  There are basically 2 types of hardware — a simple plug-and-play device or another which involves hooking up various sensors to the information centers of your vehicle. On the software side, information is transmitted from the vehicle’s GPS to our servers. The software then plots it on GoogleMaps, giving you time-stamped locations, speed, direction of travel and a suite of reports and alerts.

You can easily monitor everything in real-time from your computer or phone. By not taking advantage of tracking your fleet, you’re missing out on opportunities to increase efficiency and save money.

Our Software Benefits

Keep tabs on your vehicles and other assets

Manages your fuel

Optimizes delivery routes

Enhances vehicle and driver communication

Allows for long-term logistic planning

Our software capabilities

Locates your vehicles

Sets up routes and gives directions to assigned destinations

Provides information on vehicle diagnostics, maintenance tracking and safe driving behaviors

It will be documented if your driver harshly brakes or accelerates, turns harshly or is idling. This helps improve fuel efficiency and driver safety

Based on the above, you will now have a platform to track your fleet, manage vehicle health, understand your drivers’ habits and track fuel efficiency. In addition to this, most software comes with dispatching tools to improve logistics which improve customer satisfaction by providing more accurate ETAs. 

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